Are You Buying From A Reputable Dog Breeder?

Young girl breeder holding puppies

Although there are many reputable dog breeders out there, there are also, sadly, many dog breeders that breed simply for profit. These irresponsible breeders don’t care of the well-being and future of their puppies. You can make sure that you are buying from a reputable and responsible breeder by asking them these important questions:

How Have the Puppies Been Socialized?

A responsible breeder will allow their dogs to roam freely indoors in their home. They will ensure that their puppies recognize everyday house sounds and sights such as the dishwasher and the television. The puppies should be well socialized with children. A poorly socialized puppy is likely to have behavioral problems, so you must ask this question and have it backed up with facts.

What Are the Defects of the Breed?

If the breeder is quick to point out that the breed has no defects and will never have any problems, you should not trust them. Every breed has its own defects, bad traits and health issues. A responsible breeder will make sure that you know the good and bad points about the breed you are buying so you know exactly what to expect. They want their puppies to be properly cared for, and will not be returned or abandoned.

Where Are the Parents?

This question is great because it is a trick question. You should usually only be able to see the mother on site, and not the father. It is extremely unlikely that the breeder has both a purebred mother and a high-quality, purebred father. If both parents are available to see at the breeder's home, you should be wary of the breeder. You must always ask to see the mother so that you can study her temperament, behavior and healthiness. If the breeder does not want you to see the mother, it is likely that something is wrong.

Do You Have All the Paperwork?

A reputable breeder will give you relevant paperwork. They should provide you with a full history of the parents as well as the grandparents. They should have written proof of all health checks and visits to the vet. If you decide to buy a puppy, you should be expected to sign a written contract between you and the breeder. If a breeder does not have any documents or paperwork, you should consider going elsewhere.

Do You Have a Rehoming Policy?

Will the breeder accept a returned dog in the unfortunate event that you could no longer look after your purchased puppy? You must ask the breeder if they have a rehoming policy. If they are a responsible and reputable breeder, they will agree to accept a returned dog at any time. A rehoming policy helps to prevent a dog from abandonment in a rescue shelter. An irresponsible breeder will refuse to accept a returned dog. A reputable breeder will have no issues with answering questions, showing you around their home and allowing you to spend time with the puppies and parents. They should also ask you a lot of questions about your suitability as an owner because they want their puppies to go to good homes.