Guide To Buying A Puppy

Puppies are cute, furry balls of fun and very hard to resist. Having a dog is very rewarding; they’re devoted companions, good guards for your home and keep you in shape. They’re also a big responsibility, so do your research first to ensure that your dog suits your character.

very cute young border collie puppy with a stick

Pet Shop or Breeder?

Buying from a pet shop is fine, but keep in mind that they don’t always verify where the animal came from. It is very possible that it came from a puppy mill, which would mean many health complications for your dog down the road. You might also be supporting a questionable method of breeding.

It is better to buy purebred puppies. The breeder provides a registration certificate proving the canine’s lineage and a health booklet listing all the puppy’s vaccinations. By law, a breeder is not allowed to charge extra for the certificate.

Check the breeder’s reputation, ask for references and examine the facilities. In Canada, a breeder must be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). Contact the Club to find out if any complaints have been brought against the breeder. Find out which ones your friends or family members went to. It’s always better to spend a little extra time now than a lot of money later.

Seniors may prefer an older dog, which can be adopted at the SPCA or possibly obtained from someone who’s moving and cannot bring it with them. Always try to get as much of the dog’s history as possible.

Picking the Appropriate Breed

Every dog has its character and is bred with a particular purpose in mind, so ensure your personalities match first. Some dogs are better guards than others. Various smaller breeds have reputations as constant barkers. Many are great hunters while others can be lazy and need a lot of exercise.

Consider how big a dog you would like to have; smaller dogs live longer than larger dogs and demand less exercise. Keep their adult size in mind; small puppies can grow into very big dogs.

Cute beagle puppy running with ball
A new dog is a serious commitment of time and money, but they are rewarding

Do you want a dog with long or short fur? Longer fur requires more grooming and there will be more of it in your house and on your furniture. There are also hypoallergenic breeds that don’t shed and make it easier on allergy sufferers.

If you live in an apartment, opt for a smaller breed unless you intend on taking it for long walks both morning and afternoon.

Tips on the Actual Purchase

Don’t buy a puppy on impulse. Spur of the moment purchases can cause an enormous amount of problems. If you’re buying from a breeder, they might hold a particular dog for you while you think about it, but don’t take too long.

Never bring the kids with you when you are visiting breeders. They will sway your emotions and influence your decision. Once you have made your choice and are ready to purchase your dog, by all means, include the kids.

Do not buy a puppy because you think it will teach your children responsibility. A dog needs its owner to commit to taking care of it for at least ten to fifteen years. This pet will become a member of the family and it will rely on you for everything, including lots of love, attention and social activity.

A Home for Your New Pet

A puppy is full of energy and needs lots of supervision. You might want to consider buying a crate. It is meant to make your pet feel safe and also stops the puppy from destroying your home when you’re out. Do not use the crate as a punishment. It is imperative that your pet thinks of it as his or her home. Place blankets, chew toys, food and water inside. If you can, get in there yourself and share the adventure with your puppy. Buy a crate that will be big enough for the adult size of your pup, so it doesn’t outgrow it. You can also purchase a collapsible crate, which is useful for people who travel with their dogs.

Dogs are great pets. Once you have invested enough time in finding the right puppy, you will be rewarded with years of camaraderie. Buying from a breeder offers the added reassurance of knowing your pet is healthy. Choosing a breed that best matches your character, results in great, long-term companionship. Enjoying your puppy and watching it grow, teaching it good habits and taking care of it are great fun. You’ll be rewarded with cuddles, kisses (licks on the face) and lots of love.