How to Train Your Puppy to Stop Biting

Although puppies are fun to play with, their bites can and do hurt. While many people think that such a behaviour is cute, it can result in unwanted behaviours in adult dogs. Having a dog that is prone to biting may keep friends and family away from the household out of fear. To help prevent harmful bites, here are tips for how to train your puppy to stop biting

white puppy biting its owners hand

1. Be consistent and calm.

The first thing to remember is that your puppy is just a baby and that biting is a natural part of play. If you use harsh discipline when training, you will only create an aggressive or fearful pet. Instead, whenever your puppy is doing something it should not, redirect its energy and then praise it when it does something you want.

It is also important that you do not send mixed signals to your puppy during training. For example, some people do not want the puppy to bite hands, but allow it to chew on shoelaces or socks. You should always be firm and consistent in all areas of training to best train your puppy.

2. Ignore unwanted behaviour

If you are playing with your puppy and it bites you, let out a yelp like another puppy and move away. At this point, do not touch, speak, or look at the puppy. By ending all the interactions for a few minutes and completely ignoring the puppy, you will be treating it like how its litter mates did. This will help the puppy learn that biting means that no more fun will be had.

3. Avoid playing roughly

When you play roughly with your puppy, you are telling it that it is acceptable to be aggressive. However, to avoid doing as such, it is important the you avoid associating your hand with rough playing. Whenever you do play with your dog, there should always be a toy involved to create a barrier between the dog and your hand.

4. Provide plenty of chew toys

To help with biting and chewing, make sure to have plenty of chew toys on hand for the puppy to play with. This will help redirect its energy to the toy instead of your hand. If your pet goes for your hand, instead distract it by throwing the toy.

5. Exercise daily

Many behavioural problems can be corrected by ensuring that your dog has enough exercise. To help keep your puppy calm, be sure to give it plenty of exercise. You can toss toys for it in a yard or take it for a walk. However, just be sure that your puppy has received all of its vaccinations before introducing it to other dogs. Properly training a dog will help keep unwanted behaviours away and your friends and family close. With these tips for how to train your puppy to stop biting, you will help create a balanced dog that people will not be afraid to be around.

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